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The Science of Fiction Podcast

Join Dr Forgan, Stu and Stobbie as they discuss the real life science behind your favourite fictional moments in TV, Film and Comics. From Thor’s Hammer to Bay’s Asteroid, there’s pl


syz·y·gy (sĭz′ə-jē) noun : an alignment of three celestial bodies, such as the sun, moon, and earth during an eclipse. also : a podcast wherein real-life, actual astronomer Dr Emily Brunsden fr

Science: Disrupt

Science is going through a revolution. The world of tech, startups, makers, innovators and collaborators are beginning to be welcomed in to the scientific ecosystem in a way never seen before. Science

Synergies Podcast

Synergies is an essential guide to what happens when academics reach out beyond their discipline to answer complex real world problems. In each episode Presenter Sue Nelson talks to two academics from

Microbe Talk

Microbe Talk is a science podcast about microbiology. Produced by the Society for General Microbiology, we speak to scientists all over the world about their research on the hidden world of bacteria,

Critical Care Practitioner Podcast

Jonathan Downham is an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner with a desire to share with like minded people. Discover new resources in the physical and virtual worlds to help improve your practice, from