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Colli'r Plot

Colli’r Plot gyda Bethan Gwanas, Dafydd Llewelyn, Siân Northey a Manon Steffan Ros. Pedwar awdur sy’n bustachu efo plotiau yn gyson ac yn aml yn ei cholli hi. Fe fydd yna lot o chwerthin,

Jo's Art History Podcast

JOIN ART HISTORIAN JO MCLAUGHLIN AS SHE DELVES INTO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF ART HISTORY IN A DIFFERENT WAY. Jo’s aim is to begin breaking down the elitism which surrounds the subject of art history a

Radio Elusia

From the seventeenth floor, Raphael watches the city for signs of a revolution, his voice echoing through a homemade radio transmitter to the streets below. He watches. He waits. One day, he disappear

We Fix Space Junk

‘We Fix Space Junk’ follows seasoned smuggler Kilner and reluctant fugitive Samantha as they travel the galaxy, dodging bullets and meeting strange and wonderful beings as they carry out o

Curious Sounds

Welcome to Curious Sounds! Produced and narrated by Musician/Sound Designer Chris Bradbury, each episode focuses on a specific piece of found sound audio and the story behind it. The show fuses narrat

The Offcuts Drawer

Successful writers share the contents of their bottom drawer – the bits of writing they never finished, had rejected or just keep hold of for nostalgic reasons. Actors perform these pieces and t
The Audio Drama Show

The Audio Drama Show

Bringing you the best of original and adapted English language audio/radio drama – classical and modern – devised by talented independent producers. Short stories, plays, and adapted novel

Rhythm & Brews

Rhythm and Brews is the craft beer and music pairing podcast. In each episode we match four interesting beers with music as a way of helping to enhance flavours using your years. It’s a bit like

At the Sauce

Two friends on a mission to collect amazing food stories. We’re Alex and Karis, a Brit and an Aussie, both living in Bristol. We met on twitter nearly 3 years ago through our love of food and have b

The Translated Chinese Fiction Podcast

A podcast about English translations of fiction from China, hosted by Angus Stewart. We’ll be looking at short stories, novels, webnovels, and much more, both from the eyes of a normal reader an

Dual Poetry Podcast

We are continuing our weekly release: the Dual Poetry Podcast, one poem in two languages from the Poetry Translation Centre. First, the poem is read in English by a UK poet or bridge-translator, then

Papertrail Podcast

Papertrail is a monthly interview series where authors and creatives share three books that have inspired and influenced them and their work. A great way to discover new writing and new writers, the s