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The Virtual Hour

‘The Virtual Hour’ was first imagined in late 2015 by Dale Wright & Graham Taylor. The idea behind it all was to create a medium where two ordinary guys (and their friends) could host reviews,

A beginner's guide to a forty something gay man. By Matt Ian Kelly

A view point from a gay man in his forties. Matt is an actor and playwright from London. Discussions on LGBTQ history, personal experiences and how we navigate the world. Honest, open and with a bit o

Food to Watch Films By

Join Johnny and Adam on their experiential voyage through the combination of food and films. DISCLAIMER: Some foods suggested may not be safe for human consumption, or even legal for that matter. You

The Big Rewind

Adam and fellow film buff Jamie discuss movie news, review a recent release and rewind back to more retro cinematic topics.

Master Debaters

Just three 20 something year olds rapidly approaching 30, trying to juggle fatherhood, responsibility, and fighting our inner child. Come listen to our struggle. We talk movies, TV, Wrestling and shar
JoypadAndMe podcast

JoypadAndMe Podcast

A video Gaming podcast for the gaming community created by they guys over at Full of News, Reviews, Opinions and Tangents as well as interviews with the likes of Stewart Gilray (J
Classic Schmassic

Classic Schmassic

On this podcast, old friends Chris & Owen discuss old movies. Each episode we pick out one film of significant renown and, after some discussion and a few laughs, judge it to be a ‘Classic&#

Failed Critics

Each week the team review the latest cinema release, talk about what else they’ve seen in the past seven days and discuss the latest news from the film world (if it happens to have crossed their Twi

We Could Survive That

A comic look at movies, TV and other media where the hosts are survival experts… and by that we mean they went camping once.

RPGMP3 Actual Play Podcast

A very long running podcast that delivers tabletop gaming sessions directly to your eager earholes. Epic tabletop RPGs played through by experienced players and gamesmasters. Listen to every cut, ever

Hmm Interesting Choice

Hmm Interesting Choice is a comedy podcast wherein the hosts review an album, selected using the vague criteria of being “interesting”, trying to find out what happened, what went right, w


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