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Jo's Art History Podcast

JOIN ART HISTORIAN JO MCLAUGHLIN AS SHE DELVES INTO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF ART HISTORY IN A DIFFERENT WAY. Jo’s aim is to begin breaking down the elitism which surrounds the subject of art history a

War and Peace in just 7 years (WAPIN7)

It’s Celebrity Love Island meets Saving Private Ryan and the contestants are Russia’s aristocracy. Weekly gossip on the world’s best book you’ve never read. Haven’t got t

South Mimms U

The university where the subjects other educational institutions won’t touch are taught, debated, and laughed at. You’ll laugh and learn at the same time. We’re real but we’re

Humans Are Evil - History Podcast

‘Humans Are Evil’. A bi-weekly history show unearthing the most shocking events, actions and characters from our past. The episode subjects will shock you in the same way learning about th

Brief History Podcast

Brief History comprehensively packaged in under an hour, perfect for the commute, lunch break or in your spare time. Hosted and written by Andrew Knight and produced and composer Harry Edmundsen. @bhi
The Vegan Option

The Vegan Option

Stories science and analysis from vegan perspectives. Each episode, Ian McDonald (sometimes with a co-host) takes an issue that’s more interesting when you consider a whole world of varied senti

Macabre London

Do you like your history haunted? Then Macabre London is the podcast for you. Every fortnight we’ll unravel a tale that’s gruesome, horrifying or downright macabre. We’ll delve in to

The Aidan Project

The Aidan Project Podcast features two different types of episodes. In bite-size episodes, The Aidan Project discusses history and its relation to current events. The Salon edition of the podcast feat
Old News Podcast

Old News

We talk abouk about old news stories, you know the type, the sort that make you think “Whatever happened about…?”

The Prestige Podcast

Join Rob and Sam, two life-long friends: one a veteran of the film industry, the other a Cambridge-educated writer on books, movies, and graphic novels. Each week they talk about a film and some of th

Richard A. Usher - The Podcast!

The comedy podcast featuring audio-antics for the discerning ear and warped mind; written and performed by Richard A. Usher. Expect to hear recreations of famous (and not so famous) moments from histo

A History of Europe, Key Battles

A History of Europe from the Ancient Greeks to the First World War. Why does Europe exist as a separate continent at all? What allowed such a diversity of cultures within this small part of the world?