War and Peace in just 7 years (WAPIN7)

Date:February 17, 2021 4:55 pm

It’s Celebrity Love Island meets Saving Private Ryan and the contestants are Russia’s aristocracy. Weekly gossip on the world’s best book you’ve never read. Haven’t got time to read War and Peace? You’re not alone – weighing as much as a small dog and with more words than the population of Iceland, it’s one of the greatest, and longest novels of all time. In just 7 short years, hosts Will and Steve will summarise every single chapter. Hear the backstage gossip: love stories, war stories, umm… Peace stories (?!) and find out if war, or peace comes out on top – but who knows, we haven’t read it yet either. Subscribe now and visit WAPIN7.com to find out more & get in touch. WAPIN7 #WAPIN7

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