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Podcast Description

Stories science and analysis from vegan perspectives. Each episode, Ian McDonald (sometimes with a co-host) takes an issue that’s more interesting when you consider a whole world of varied sentient minds. Topics range from Lab Meat to interviews with vegan MPs to the biography of a medieval Arab vegan, each examined with the expert interviews and insights you’d expect from Ian’s BBC training.

In 2016/7 Ian dedicates the series to the epic backstory to today’s vegan movement. From ancient India and Greece to the present day, Ian travels to where the story unfolded (including the length and breadth of India) to discover the amazing characters who have passed on the idea of sparing animals. This 15 part series is titled “Vegetarianism: The Story So Far’.

The Vegan Option is also broadcast on London’s radio art station, Resonance 104.4FM.


Resonance 104.4 fm, Borough High Street, London, United Kingdom