The Property Voice

Date:September 22, 2015 2:57 pm

The Property Voice Podcast, found at, is new and different. Join us for knowledge, resources, a little bit of light entertainment and have your property voice heard too. The podcast is a series-based property resource, building around common themes in property investment. Over time, this will grow into an audio library of insights, knowledge and experience for you to listen to on demand. We start in series one with Building on Solid Foundations – the general principles of property investing like strategy, lettings & the financials; with more to follow in the future. Punchy at around half an hour, will satisfy your thirst for property investing knowledge on the go, wherever you are. Our three main sections are: Property Chatter – the ‘meat’ of the show covering the main topic discussed; Your Voice – where you can get involved with your stories, questions or a good old moan about YOUR property journey and; Shout Out – where we point you towards more great resources to check out. Richard Brown, your host started sharing property news stories with personal insights in March 2013. He is an experienced property investor whose starting position was bleak as a divorcee, renting, in debt, expenses higher than income and a giant hole in his pension! Through property investing over a relatively short time, these challenging issues have fully turned around, such that he could retire today if he wanted to. He will be joined on the show by Casa, who claims to bring a little bit of virtual reality to the show!

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