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Podcast Description

A weekly Podcast where we lift the velvet rope for inspiring entreprenuers – solopreneurs – wannaprenuers and eventreperenuers to help you live a PLANNED life. Inspiring people who have risen from hard situations and created lives they’re very proud of. Learn the practical action steps people take to make their lives better, what they’re working on right now, and get weekly inspiration and motivation to live your best story. Jason hopes to inspire with his sense of humor, genuineness and passion for helping others shine. Each episode is designed to uplift, inform, and inspire. While sharing stories of successes and setbacks and sweet motivational secrets as well as a whole lot of actionable advice. Talking to the most knowledgeable and inspiring entrepreneurs and eventrepreneurs as well as lifestyle brands and the NR, covering both the business and the lifestyle of those in lifestyle, hospitality and events. Topics include anything – events, lifestyle, hospitality, business, technology, success, wealth and leisure time. To introduce you to smart, interesting people who are good at what they do and willing to share their expertise.


London, United Kingdom