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Podcast Description

“The Garbage POD is more of a community than a Podcast. It will hopefully bring a fusion of many interests to your Podcast receiver, from content whilst out & about to exciting activity in the Podisphere”

It was an idea that had been floating around since the late noughties. I wanted to create a magazine style podcast, that would be a mixing pot of flavours, that would hopefully suit everybody’s taste.

The idea was to give the podcast a name that was punchy. It was always going to be called “The something POD” But why The Garbage POD? well, those of you familiar with the BBC sitcom ‘Red Dwarf’ will get the reference.
I was watching an early episode of Red Dwarf (Waiting For God, from Series 1, to be precise) & the name garbage pod cropped up in the plot of the episode. I thought to myself “Eureka! people will be forever asking, What on Earth is The Garbage POD” (believe me, we certainly do get that reaction) & so The Garbage POD was born.

After a little bit of encouragement, we went live, in the Winter of 2011 & have never looked back since.

In 2013 the podcast expanded into “The Podcaster’s Podcast” as there are lots of of hidden gems in the podisphere, that really deserve recognition, so we contacted Producers & presenters of podcasts & webcasts to come on board as guest co hosts, Which enabled them to promote their wares to a different audience & maybe add more listeners to their listener base & vice versa.

Broadcaster & TV presenter, Gareth Jones was a guest on Episode 21 & said this of The Garbage POD:

“Podcasters work in isolation & The Garbage POD is the nearest thing we will Probably get to a union”

As well as the main Garbage POD episodes, there are additional bite sized chunks called “TGP Xtra” which we use to inform listeners of what is going on in the Podisphere & if there are one off events & causes that need to be promoted.


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