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Podcast Description

World and UK Alternative News and comment. Each month we review news items that interest us and we feel are important to share.

Subjects discussed may or may not include (and are certainly not limited to):

  • Current events and the latest developments in science, technology
  • Free speech; free culture and creative commons
  • The nature of reality and consciousness;
  • Personal development
  • The search for truth
  • Mainstream media and the popular psyche
  • Fear and the war on terror
  • Psychology, spirituality, privacy, open-source software
  • Conspiracy/parapolitics; the ‘as yet unexplained’;
  • Ecology, living responsibly, self-sufficiency;
  • Small-scale agriculture and horticulture
  • Digital fabrication (3D printing, etc)
  • The Arts etc..


Coldwell Street, Wirksworth, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 4FB, UK