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Podcast Description

The project Podcasting for Communities is a book, podcast and blog intended for people, groups, organisations, teams and community organisations who want to learn about podcast and radio production.

We can all be podcasters now because the tools needed to produce a podcast have never been so cheap (and free!). Distributing our radio programmes on the internet has never been easier.

In the Podcasting for Communities podcast producers, journalists, and other people experienced in content production bring their advice and share their tips and secrets. There’s advice on planning interviews and writing scripts, choosing microphones and interview locations, finding music and using social media.

The book, podcast and blog are for people interested in learning how to produce radio and podcasts. Even if you are not exactly sure what podcasting is, but think it sounds like it is a good idea, you can begin your exploration here.

“Podcasting for … “ is produced by Davy Sims who has 40 years’ experience in radio and web production. He has been making podcasts since 2008.

The book “Podcasting for Communities” is for people who want to get together to make radio programmes and turn them into podcasts. Even if you are an individual who wants to learn and produce a solo podcast, or a couple or three friends who want to record a weekly discussion, the information here will be relevant and I hope useful to you.


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