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Welcome to The Home Education Podcast. We are a family of five from the North East of England. After removing our two eldest children from the English school system in July 2016, we began our home educating journey. This was not an easy decision, we hummed, debated, discussed, researched and in the end went with our gut instinct which told us that nobody cared more deeply about our children’s development than us, nobody knows our children better than we do so there is nobody better qualified than…us.
Yes, it was daunting but do we regret it? No. As a home educating family we get asked lots of questions, there’s a big grey cloud hovering across the UK as the term Home Educated becomes mainstream. We wanted to answer some of those questions, to help others who might be struggling with ideas or are looking for examples of families educating their own, we also wanted to show families that there is an alternative and that yes, you can teach your own without a teaching degree, without SATS, without statistics, without government interference. You can be free to make the decisions that will affect your child’s life for the benefit of your child.


6 Rosehill, Hinderwell, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire TS13 5EU, UK