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Podcast Description

The Holistic Path to Health podcast with Dr Eva Detko (Clinical Hypnotherapist & Nutritional Therapist) is focused on sharing information and resources to help people achieve optimal physical and mental health naturally. Whether you are suffering from a chronic illness, feeling that stress is messing with your life, want to lose weight successfully and keep it off, or just want to have more energy, you will find something in this podcast that can help you achieve your health and life goals. Apart from sharing her own knowledge and experience in the field of holistic health, Dr Eva talks to other natural health practitioners about their respective areas of expertise. You will also hear research updates, natural health product reviews, and stories of people who have managed to overcome various health problems using natural therapies. Dr Eva believes in addressing both the physiological and psychological aspects of health, so whether it is your mind or body you need to get into shape, this podcast is for you.


Chippenham, United Kingdom