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Podcast Description

Barker & Bates are coaches with very different backgrounds but have both overcome challenges in their lives to get where they want to be. Now they want to help you to become more awesome in everything you do and will Bootcamp Your Life – time to take charge of your life, your mind, your happiness, your career, your fitness, and more. Also they’ll probably get distracted and end up talking about movies, games and technology because they’re both nerds.

Shaun Barker has spent 14 years in the British Army honing his coaching, communication and leadership skills. He left to spread the word about how you can incorporate a winning mindset into your daily life. He owns and runs the successful New Leaf Therapy practice in Stroud, Gloucestershire and has now launched Mindset Master to be able to help a larger number of people, achieve the results they want in their daily life.

Robin Bates climbed to the top of the corporate ladder and hated the view, so ripped up his life’s rulebook in order to learn from experts in coaching, NLP, and more in order to launch Coaching for Geeks. He now helps geeks of all kinds to sort their lives out and get where they want to be, living life fearlessly, and being the best damn geeks they can be.

We’ll help you out, we’ll share tips, guidance and advice from across modern coaching, neuroscience, NLP, hypnosis, the psychology of success, CBT, the natural world, and our own life experiences, and we promise we’ll do our very best to not be wanky about it.

Tune in, it might just change your life!


100 Campbell Rd, London E3 4EA, UK