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Podcast Description

This Podcast is for;

* Frustrated employees who are ready to take the leap and start their own business.

* New Entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business project.

* Business owners who want to develop a powerful and cost effective digital marketing campaign.

I’m passionate about empowering aspiring and existing entrepreneurs just like you to;

* Make a living doing something they enjoy

* Make a smooth transition from employee to business owner

* Develop and grow the lifestyle and business they’ve always wanted.

* Develop a clear step by step plan to achieve their desired goals

* Develop a clear and powerful business or personal brand

* Create a line of Innovative Products and Services.

* Develop cost effective Digital Marketing Strategies that produce high returns.

Why? So that you can build a business that can provide you with the lifestyle you have always wanted.

This may not make you a millionaire, and if that is what your looking for, this is not the site for you.

But this could include;

* Having quality time with your children / family

* Having more Freedom and flexibility

* Seeing your concepts and ideas come to fruition

* Being your own boss

* Getting paid for doing something you enjoy.

What is the 3V Strategy (3VS)?

As you can see from my Tagline under my Logo, the 3 V’s stand for;


Over the years I have observed that these three elements are foundational to the development and maintenance of a successful and sustainable Business Brand.

Together these three words contribute to successful or failure of any business.

How clearly and thoroughly a business executes of each of these words, will determine how successful a business will be, and ultimately result in an increase in a fourth V – VALUE!

By implementing the 3V strategy you will ensure the long-term survival of your business, and its ability to sustain and increase its profitability over time.


Kidderminster, United Kingdom