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TV In Space

One Star Trek fan and one Star Trek virgin, begin their multi season mission to watch The Original Series and then the rest. To boldly discuss episodes. Sometimes our discussions go a little mature. O

SuperNerds UK

SuperNerds UK is the podcast that is your source for all things, pop culture!

School of Movies

Super in-depth analysis of movies (and occasionally TV, and video games). Hosted by veteran podcasters Alex & Sharon Shaw with different guests for round-table chats every week.

The Broken Elevator

Welcome to The Broken Elevator, where we pitch the films Hollywood’s too scared to make. Each week hosts Tam, Deeby and Wumi come up with their dream sequels, prequels, remakes and reboots to so

Frak Stars

Welcome to FRAK STARS, a BSG commentary talkshow from Holosuite Media! Colin, Steve (AKA MidNite Shadow), Drogyn and their guest stars from around the podcasting community delve into Ron Moore’s

The Big Rewind

Adam and fellow film buff Jamie discuss movie news, review a recent release and rewind back to more retro cinematic topics.

Bad Films in Good Company

Join Ben and Foz as they try to find out if Bad Films can be entertaining in Good Company. Watching the worst movies known to humanity, so you don’t have to.

Media Pulp

Get the latest film, tv & game reviews, topical chat and epic interviews, all with a UK flavour.
Super Bailey Bros

Super Bailey Bros in Movie Land

Join Laurie and Phil for a cheerful ramble through Movie Land, taking in reviews, discussions, interviews and silly features along the way like Movie Court, The Rewrite, and Movie Hate. Regular interv

Geektown Radio

A weekly show about tv shows, games, films and any other geeky stuff! We have regular interviews with people in the tv, gaming and film industry, and also give you advice on when your favourite US tv

Cinema Eclectica

Join Rob, Graham, Ryan and a cast of contributors and guests for [around] an hour of chinwaggery and reviews on the latest happenings, movies and home video releases. We never forget to crack the funn

We 3 Geeks Podcast

3+1 geeks from Nottingham discuss all the latest geeky news and rumours in the world of tv and films. Every fortnight they bring you their well informed opinions (and their not so well informed ones&#